DVD # PC 4  Best Japanese DVD to be found !

First Match  The Great Devil Masami vs the erotic Jaguar Yokota.  This outstanding
bout takes place in the Philippines on a hot muggy night and the two highly skilled
wrestlers are
sweating as much as anyone can sweat. There is non stop action.
( Imelda Marcos, wife of the Philippine President, is at ringside. )

Second  Match  Devil Masami and partner vs Mimi Hagiwara and partner. The erotic
Mimi takes an unbelievable brutal beating in this bout. The young ladies are
sweating heavily in this grueling match too.

VERY GOOD VIDEO QUALITY!  Great camera work.
DVD running time 50 minutes.
Color with sound in Japanese.
Devil Masami wrestling Jaguar Yokota and then wrestling
Mimi Hagiwara on DVD from
Devil Masami punished by Jaguar
Yokota on our DVD PC  4
Devil Masami was punished by Jaguar Yokota
with leg locks over and over in the match.
Mimi Hagiwara
Mimi Hagiwara, not from DVD
Mimi Hagiwara screams in terror and
desperation as Devil Masami jumps
down on her leg, from DVD 4
Devil Masami eats Mimi Hagiwara. I consider
Masami the greatest pro wrestler of all time.
Devil Masami brutalizes a groggy Mimi Hagiwara
Devil Masami stomps the erotic Mimi Hagiwara.
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Two Great Matches
Above a teary eyed Mimi Hagiwara
can never forget the horrible
things Devil Masami did to her in
that match. Photo is not from
Again, above is the erotic
Mimi Hagiwara, who Devil
Masami brutalizes on our
Mimi Hagiwara, not from DVD 4
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Again Devil Masami brutalizes a groggy Jaguar Yokota
Devil Masami liked to use a chain
on opponents whenever she
chould. She knew how to torture
very well like the Devil.
Most Sadistic Devil Masami Brutalizes
The Erotic Mimi Hagiwara with great
enjoyment on our Quality DVD PC 4
Devil Masami is punished by a fired up
Jaguar Yokota with figure four leg lock.
Miss Yokoto focused on punishing Miss
Masami's legs continuously in this great
match on DVD 4
Yes this is Mimi Hagiwara today in late 2016
She is still a great and wonderful beauty.
Devil Masami screams in total agony as
Jaguar Yokota maintains full pressure on
her legs on our DVD # PC 4
This is NOT the version you may see on
the Internet The quality is Outstanding.
Mimi Hagiwara in September, 2017.
Decades after this match, she still
looks so young.
Now Over 12 Years on the Internet