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In the heyday of this site in 2008, everyday I would post one  or
more classic female wrestling picture with much text. I now have
put about 150 of those Pictures of the Day in this in one
Gallery.      Called POD 2008. Received Access to it for a
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This is one example with the original text. Of course there are many from the
1950's in the  Pictures of the Day Gallery.
February 12, 2008, Vicious Schoolgirl Kicking: After Sara forced Portia off, she
delivered a series of jarring kicks to Schoolgirl's torso. The sound of her boot
slamming into delicate flesh was in perfect harmony with Schoolgirl's ;grunting
and groaning and Sara didn't miss a beat. After her dance of destruction to the
tune of "Spoiling Fresh Meat" Miss del Rey drove on her groggy victim for a
pin attempt. Was this the end for Miss Perez? Was her dream of wining
shattered? After all how much could Schoolgirl take? Tune in tomorrow to find
out. retropat77  Photo by wrestlinwally
April 1, 2008    Champion Sadist?   No fooling around today as we go back to the early 50's and
to a gym in Columbus, Ohio. The Women's World Wrestling Champion, powerful Mildred Burke,
regularly used Miss Ann Laverne as her sparring partner. Ann's cauliflower ear was mostly due
to being locked in Mildred's head locks and leg scissors for so long a time and so often. Here
we see Mildred applying maximum pressure to a chicken wing hammerlock.   This consumed
Ann with agony.  Miss Burke really enjoyed punishing people. Once she said, "When I'm on the
top of my game and have a opponent locked in a submission hold, it is a real rush. God how do
I love it. It's great." Insides knew that Burke THRILLED at hunting people ... a better word would
be torturing people. But a far as I know, no one spoke the "S" word. ... Was Mildred Burke a
true sadist? retropat77
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