Charmion, strong woman and wrestler in
Vintage Strong Females, Wrestlers & Contortionists Gallery
About 1951, Women's Pro Wrestling.
Pro Wrestling Champion Miss Cora Livingston
in about 1925.  
Two sisters wrestling in 1900.
Miss Cora Livingston is working over Miss Jane
Henry during wrestling practice in March 1922.
Mildred Burke set to force opponent into Boston Crab
in January, 1938 in Ohio.
Mildred Burke won the Ohio match in 1938.
Women wrestling in about 1925.
Two Professional Women Wrestlers
working out in Europe about 1930
Mildred Burke
"Katie Sandwina (real name Kate Brumbach) came by her astonishing
strength honestly—she was born into a family of performing strength
specialists in Vienna, Austria. Her stage name was in honor of Eugene
Sandow of physical culture fame. The six foot tall Sandwina had biceps
measuring 17 inches. Like many strongwomen, she issued a public
challenge offering to pay any man who could best her in wrestling or
lifting weights. According to legend, she never lost."
1920 A strongwomen balances a man and a piano on
her chest.
Vintage woman wrestler.
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Strong girl wrestler on beach working out in 1950.
Women wrestling in about 1951.
Atheida Strongwoman and Wrestler.
Atheida Strongwoman and Wrestler. Miss Atheida would go to the
wrestling mat with the big and small be they male or female.                  
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Atheida Strongwoman and Wrestler. Miss Atheida would go to the
wrestling mat with the big and small be they male or female.
"Edna Rivers completing a 705-pound deadlift in 1944. River’s athletic feats caused
much anxiety, with both men and women questioning her ‘femininity’."
Hattie Stewart, Worlds Female
Boxing Champion, 1884.
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Vintage girl contortionist at work.
Wild Jane in action with her hot contortionist
routine. This vintage girl contortionist also
worked in professional wrestling.
Bettie Page the top pin-up of the 50s.
Two young contortionists workout in  the 1950's.
Schoolgirl contortionist holds one of her many
positions for the camera.
Contortionist holds a cute position in 1950's routine in
Cleveland,  Ohio.
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Schoolgirl contortionist holds an extreme position as
she thrills looking at her dreamboat's picture.
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