A Vintage tag team match in color!
Enjoy 4 great wrestlers, Susan Green and Joyce
Grable vs Toni Rose and The Fabulous Moolah
A great rough and vicious wresting bout.
Good ringside commentary.
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Susan Green, Joyce Grable and Toni Rose wrestling on DVD.
On the Internet  Over Ten Years
Toni Rose Body Slams
Susan Green with great
energy and power.
Toni Rose vigorourly Boot Stomps
Susan Green over and over. Toni
always loved to Boot Stomp.
Toni Rose continues to
control and punish
Susan Green.
Susan Green hit the mat hard
and Toni Rose is all set to do
yet more damage to the very
weakened  Miss Green,
Joyce Grable set to do a number
on Toni Rose.`      
Susan Green and Joyce Grable enjoy
taking turns torturing Toni Rose