A Sister and a Brother on the Wrestling Mat

Lets us return to the 70's and read what could have been written about a match
that is still talked about today. It was about a schoolgirl wrestling her brother who
was a schoolboy. All this was before schoolgirl wrestling became so common.

The Best siblings, Wendy, 13 and Brian, 14, regularly wrestle each other. Each
goes all out to defeat the other at any cost. Their parents and grandparents have
taught them wrestling well ever since they were old enough to walk.

We focus on one of their after school shoot outs. Wendy is dressed in a brief two
piece purple swim suite and wrestling boots. Brian is wearing black trunks and
wrestling boots. Each in their neutral corner they intensely look at each other as
the bell rings.

They circle each other and lock up in the referee's hold. After 15 seconds they
break only to lock up again. Another break, another lock up. They are slowly
felling each other out as it is important who gets the first advantage for it can set
the tone for the rest of the bout. In a  flash Brian slips behind his sister and locks
her in a full Nelson. He applies pressure and Wendy grimaces. He says "Got you
girl," and applies more pressure. Wendy lets out a few grunts. He swipes him leg
across her legs and she falls face down to the mat. Now his full weigh is on her
with the full Nelson still in place. Wendy now will have to expense precious
energy to escape. Certainly this is not how she wanted the match to begin.

After great long struggle she rolls him into the ropes. The referee breaks the
hold. They circle. Wendy headlocks him and hip throws  him to the mat. She
presses against him, his head locked between her arm and her chest. She
applies more pressure, his face stars to get a bit red. She says, "Now I got you,
you dummy." The trash talk had began once again.

They roll into the ropes and the hold is broken. They circle. Brian again locks her
in a full Nelson and pores on the pressure. Wendy's grunts are now loud. The girl
is hurting. Brian is all psyched up and applies even more pressure as he says.
"Your a born loser girl, give it up." Now Wendy is turning red from the pressure.
Referee asks her if she wants to give and she declines. However the hold is
taking it's toll on the girl, a big toll. Finally she muscles her way out of the
Nelson. They both have broken a good sweat my now.

During the next ten minutes they take turns locking each other in leg and arm
locks and few other holds. But then Brian connects with a solid  dropkick to his
Sister's head. This stuns the girl. Brian quickly follows up with a series a jarring
body slams and monkey flips.

Brian then drives for her legs, upends her and she crashes to the mat. His arms
encage both her legs. Standing over his fallen sister, Brian strains to turn her
young body into a full crab. This hold she  dreads the most and she fights with
every drop of energy she has to prevent her body from being turned into it.
Wendy grunts out, " No way jerk." Brian spits back, "Your all mine now, don't  
fight it sister."  They both strain to the maximum. He is slowly forcing her body
into the crab. She lets out a great screech and stops the motion for a second but
then Brian executes a powerful jerk to her legs and she is fully turned into a full
Boston crab. Wendy lets out a scream of both pain and of frustration.

Brian coolly begins applying pressure to her legs. The Referee comes in close.
Brian gradually increases the pressure. Wendy's agony increases but she
repeatedly decline submission. Brian says, "Okay sister dear, you asked for it,
here it is." He begins to bob her legs up and down, up and down. Wendy is now
screaming madly. Ref again asks her if she want to submit. She screams "NO".
Brian snaps and like a wild animal shrieks madly and exerts a bolt of extreme
force like he had never had the power to exert before in his entire young life.
Who could endure such  awful pain? Could you? Wendy finally submits. The bell
rings and fall one goes to Brian. The Ref has to put the count on Brian since he
maintains full  pressure on the crab even after the bell. He frees her at the four
count saying, "Just wait girl you haven't felt anything yet you silly  idiot."  Wendy
just looks at him with tearful eyes in silence.                                     

Brian was most thrilled and satisfied, his secret long hours of wrestling practice
with his girlfriend had paid off. If Wendy had only done the same work with her
boyfriend, the first fall could had been very different. But in any event, Wendy
now had to win two straight falls to come out  on top. She is certainly one tough
little girl, but could she possibly overcome Brian's confidence, determination,
momentum and yes sadism? Only one thing was for sure, she was going to have
to dig deep down and use every trick, clean or dirty,  she knew. But did her mind
and body still have the strength to transform her humiliating and devastating
defeat into a powerful enough rage to defeat Brian?  

Written by retropat77   "Pat"  Park Collins
Stories of reality and fantasy.
Brother Brian controls his sister
Wendy with a tight Full Nelson.
Schoolgirl Wrestler Wendy really enjoys punishing
her brother with a very painful hammerlock and bar.
The original report in a national magazine said Brian
was in "agony". retropat77
Sister Mud Wrestling Brother in public bout.
This Brother and Sister
wrestling  team are very   
skillful on the mat.
A True Story of The Sizzling Wrestling Siblings of Abbotsbury, New South
Wales:  High school students Justin 17, and Carissa 15, Holland wrestle each
other long and hard in at least six training sessions every week. ``I really like
the physical aspect of wrestling sister Carissa. On the mat neither of us holds
back anything. We both go all out to hurt and defeat the other. At times it can
get very wild and very painful but it's a heck of a lot of fun.'' said Justin.  
Carissa body slams brother Justin  just for fun a lot.
Carissa and Justin  with some of their hard
fought for wrestling medals                               
The schoolgirl is all set to wrestle.
She will face anyone on the mat but
she does prefer mixed wrestling.
Schoolgirl wrestler Wendy applies a full body press on her brother's
body in their siziling pro style wrestling match. retropat77
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Schoolgirl wrestler screams in agony as her brother punishes her leg.
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Sure schoolgirl wrestlers
dress up at times.
When Brian locks Wendy up in his Full Nelson,
there is very heavy pressure on the young girl's
Carissa and Justin, sister and brother,  before their
long sizzling wrestling workout with each other.   
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Windy Lee's friend, Caroline  Christanello,
is the same age as Wendy and is used as
a sparing partner regularly by both Brian
and Wendy.
Above, The Surfboard Hold is one of the most cruel,
brutal, dangerous and painful hold in all of wrestling. It
has caused serious physical injuries particularly to the
neck, shoulders and spinal cord. It has also has lead to
sever psychological and mental problems. Yet Brian
enjoys using it on sister Wendy Lee as often as he has
a chance. In this image we see him grinding his boot
deep into her back to make the hold as painful as
possible. It is an unsolved mystery why Wendy entered
the wrestling ring against Brian for so many years. See
Mixed Wrestling 3
Rare image of Japanese Pro Woman Wrestler
working out with her brother a home.
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