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Vintage Schoolgirl
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Vintage Schoolgirl cheerleaders put on their show
Vintage Schoolgirls
Vintage Schoolgirls
Vintage Schoolgirl and Serious Adolescent Mayhem: Master Brian Wolfe
slams Miss Wendy Lee Wolfe to the mat with a perfectly executed
Monkey Flip.The jarring impact to her body made her groggy; she was
again on queer street and Brian could have his way with the weakened
lass. The fact that they happened to be Brother and Sister did not
prevent them from enjoying inflicting great punishment on each other, in
fact it just added to the fun and intensity. It was thrilling for both of them.
For years they were intensely trained to wrestle pro style by their
grandmother, former Woman's Wolds Wrestling Champion, Mildred
Read my story on them wrestling.
Vintage Schoolgirl
Vintage Schoolgirl
Wendy Wolfe
Vintage Schoolgirl Cheerleader
Schoolgirl Wrestler Wendy Lee Wolfe applies a full body press
on her brother in a pro style sizzling wrestling match.
Schoolgirl Wrestler A True Story of The Sizzling Wrestling Siblings of
Abbotsbury, New South Wales:  High school students Justin 17, and
Carissa 15, Holland wrestle each other long and hard in at least six training
sessions every week. ``I really like the physical aspect of wrestling
sister Carissa. On the mat neither of us holds back anything. We both go all
out to hurt and defeat the other. At times it can get very wild and very painful
but it's a heck of a lot of fun.'' said Justin.
Vintage Schoolgirls on a bike.
Schoolgirl  Wrestling Freestyle. See More
Vintage Schoolgirl
Vintage Schoolgirl wrestling
Vintage Schoolgirl
Vintage Schoolgirl
Vintage Schoolgirls
Vintage Schoolgirl
Vintage Schoolgirl
Vintage Schoolgirl wrestler
Vintage Schoolgirl
Vintage Schoolgirl wrestlers
Vintage Schoolgirl wrestlers
Vintage Schoolgirl going to wrestling workout.
Vintage Schoolgirl
Vintage Schoolgirl Wrestlers on their day off.
Vintage Schoolgirl
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High School coach tells wrestler that
she must wrestle harder and be
tougher. His orders worked and she
defeated her opponent in long bout
Dressed to go to school on an
ice cold day.