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will have
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NOT have to have a ProPay account to pay
 ProPay is
completely secure and safe.
The email address you use to order is the address that I
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In over 12 years I have conducted over a thousand
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For DVDs, just give the number(s) of the DVD. Due to
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Shipping is free on DVDs that are sent to the USA.
This is a one man owned and operated, independent  site.
I can also create a custom gallery just for your needs. I do
NOT do pornography. Minimum fee is NOW just $160.00.
If you do NOT want to pay by CREDIT CARD, you may
send a
CHECK or MONEY ORDER to me in the MAIL. I will
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MONEY ORDER is good. You can email me for details.
However this is a VERY MUCH SLOWER way to do things.
Now Over 12 Years on The Internet
If you want to Donate or Tip, just email me and state the
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Four against one is a winning combination.
From one of my eight huge
Women Wrestling Galleries.  Posted 10/10/2018
Due to the current problem of not being
able to show some pictures
on this site, we are stopping selling
Picture Galleries on this site