We go back to the Golden Age of Pro Girl Wrestling in Japan
Here is an outstanding classic old school match.

Just one great match here. There is great hard mat wrestling
combined with brutal hits, kicks and slams to thrill you to no end.

Nancy Kumi wrestling Yumi Ikeshita one on one.

Both girls are in their prime and give the fight with all that they have.
Both know  very well how to wrestle and how to fight.
Sweet Nancy Kumi is so neat and wholesome and natural. This is in
dramatic contravene to what she does in the ring. It blows the mind.
Running time 30 full minutes of non stop thrilling action..
Video quality is very good.
Great camera work.
Sound in Japanese.  
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to help cover custom fees and work.
From lady00wrestling.com DVD PC 9
Nancy Kumi jumps on Yumi Ikeshita   
but no one is at home.
Nancy Kumi is close to submission
from Yumi Ikeshita's hammerlock
on our DVD PC 9.
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