Sarah Stock Mexican Wrestler
A kick to the woman's head.
Marcela in action pulling an
opponent apart.
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Rita Cortex Mexican wrestling legend
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Sarah Stock take opponent to wrestling mat.
Vintage Mexican Female Wrestlers Lola Gonzalez and
Rossy Moreno are in the wrestling ring and set to fight.
Sarah Stock Mexican Wrestler
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Female beats man up big time in wrestling ring.
Sarah Stock Mexican Wrestler
Christie Ricci
India Sioux
Luchadora Marcela
Many of the Glorious Luchadoras are here.
Sarah Stock aka Dark Angle
Dark Angel,
Sarah Stock
Sarah Stock aka Dark Angle,  Mexican
Wrestler was born in Canada.
Sarah Stock aka Dark Angle,
gets into the ring to fight like
Sarah Stock aka Dark Angle, and friend
having some fun before wrestling match
Mexican wrestler sits on a chair as she applies
a brutal submission hold outside the ring.
Posted 12/16/2016
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