DVD PC 16. From the late 70s Teenage girls wrestle all out
First match: The Great and Wild
Leilani Kai vs The Young and Sexy
Itsuki Yamazaki. Two supper stars wrestle with great skill at their
best in the
Second match: A wild
Sweaty SIX GIRL tag team match with stars
like Tateno Noriyo ... ... ... ... The matches are from Tokyo, Japan in
the late 70's. Once again it is special in that
there is English
commentary that is very interesting and informative.

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Pro wrestler Leilani Kai        vs           Itsuki Yamazaki  
Leilani Kai was punished for most of the match by young
Itsuki Yamazaki.
Teenager Tateno Noriyo is an outstanding Wrestler
also is in DVD PC 16.
Itsuki Yamazaki is a highly skilled wrestler. Here she
continues to punish Leilani Kai
Miss Leilani Kai at work.
Women's Pro Wrestling DVD PC 16. Two Matches.
Miss Itsuki Yamazaki posing.
Itsuki Yamazaki pounds away on Leilani Kai.
Itsuki Yamazaki repeatedly kicks Leilani Kai in her torso.
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