DVD PC 19 When Jackie Sato wrestled Maki Ueda back in 1975,
neither girl had reached her 17th birthday. Both girls repeatedly
use dazzling and brutal leg and arm holds on each other to try to
force the other into submission. The two put on a non stop show
of great scientific wrestling  of the old school for a full 29 minutes.
Now you can enjoy that classic match on DVD. It is truly an
outstanding bout as is our PC 4 DVD. It has
Great video quality!  
Commentary in Japanese.

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Schoogirl's Pro Wrestling Classic Match on DVD PC 19
Jackie Sato punishes Maki Ueda on DVD 19
of two cute schoolgirls wrestling
Professionally in Japan..
Jackie Sato contiues to punish
Maki Ueda on DVD 19.
Jackie Sato is now punished by Maki Ueda
on our DVD 19.
Maki Ueda applies a painful Leg Spread
on Jackie Sato.
Maki Ueda continues to apply painful
Leg Spread on  Jackie Sato
Now on Internet Over 12 Years
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