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Wrestling Beauty Never Published Before Anywhere!  
Now all of this has a
foundation of historical facts and of real wrestlers but there is much
fantasy laid on that.
Penny Banner wrestling
Penny Banner.
In the ring Miss Lorraine Johnson is rocked by a
solid right to jaw by young male opponent. This
put the poor girl on queer street.
EXCLUSIVE! Never Published
Before 50's Woman Wrestling
EXCLUSIVE! 50's Woman
Wrestler who wrestles with
her self. She wins 100% of
her matches.
Read about their LOVE/HATE relationship.
Now on the Internet Over 12 Years.
LOVE/HATE relationships happen in
wrestling.  Many girls brutally punish  
each other in the ring and then love
each other outside the ring.
Now sixty years ago the girl next door
looked something like this when she
watched the Gal Grapplers go at  each
other on TV.
This Wrestling Beauty from the 50s
would wrestling men and boys  in
gyms, yards, beaches and parks
though out America.
50s pro wrestling beauty holds a contortionist
pose. This girl wrestled men and women with
vigorous determination to punish and win.
This hot pro wrestling
beauty of the 50s was also
Philosophy professor and a
part time contortionist at VA
When the eleven year old lad struck a
note in his pl
aying of a Mozart piano
sonata that his big sister did not like, she
knocked h
im to the floor and wrestled
the living hell out of him for over five
hours. And she made a point of slightly
injuring his fingers so he could not
play again for several months.   
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A Differant View of  Women Wrestling in the 50s and Beyond.
Some lady wrestlers had problems finding women to practice their submission
holds on so they often got young boys to torture with full force.  Unfortunately  
this drove some of the lads insane and they had to be institutionalized, some for
life. One female wrestler foe example, Jane Byers, used her kid brother Paul to
practice on. Paul would dread his older sister locking him in one of her many
wrestling submission holds. Here we see Paul severely suffering in Jane's Genital
Crusher, Leg Brock and Arm Breaker, Triple Combination. It is one of Jane's
inescapable holds so he cannot free himself from it no matter how hard he tries.
Wrestler and Governor Sarah Palin severely
punishes opponent on DVD
Mother had fixed up her eunuch to wrestle
three of his most feared types of women.
Eunuch wrestler works over a pro woman
wrestler who is near submission.
Eunuch wrestler applies painful figure four leg lock
a pro female wrestler who is near submission.
In a special sanctioned woman vs chair match, the
chair punishes the woman with a combination chin
lock and double toe hold. The final outcome of the
match is unknown but the furniture in the crowd     
was overwhelmingly for the chair.  
50s Women's tag team wrestling match before the bell.
Young eunuch punishes young woman
with Boston Crab in wrestling match inside
a soundproof private gym  so that her
screams of agony will be unheard.
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Wrestling Fact and Fantasy with Original Art
Tough male pro works over a
female pro in the wrestling gym
with Crotch Lock and Back
Woman wrestling with herself.
In the 50s, The Bad Seed is locked up by a
very happy Sadistic Lady.
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