Golden Age 3 contains exciting and interesting women's
wrestling action pictures, mostly from the 1940s, 1950s,
1950s, 1960s, 1970s and some 1980s. All the great women of
the era are there. Order at
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Mildred Burke goes for  blood in
bout with Bonnie Watson.
June Byers is slammed to mat in order to be
worked over with submission holds.
Donna Christanello
in her beautiful
Judy Grable eats Betty
Boucher's hand. Click to
Before her 50s match with the
powerful champion, Mildred
Burke, Theresa Theis appears to
be in a calm, warm and friendly
Gloria Barattini just before entering the
wrestling ring to fight tough veteran Nell
Nell Stewart was the Girls Ohio Television Wrestling
Champion. Yes that great Era of the 40s and 50s lives here
when women's pro wrestling  was on live TV SEVERAL
times a week and when  matches lasting 40 to 60 minutes
was not uncommon. See two hours of Nell on our
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A few hard boots to the head can lead
to victory for Donna Christanello's foe,
Belle Star.
Carmen Monge and Kitty Baker double
teams the beautiful Rachel Dubois.
Joyce Grable and Donna
Christanello before match.
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Rita Cortez just
before wrestling the
forever energetic
Judy Grable.
Judy Martin  makes Joyce Grable  
grunt n groan with arm lock.
Mildred Burke, women's
pro wrestling Champion.
Lorraine Johnson poising and then
punished with booming kick to her head,
June Byers at work punishing.
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June Byers set to
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Miss Jessica Rogers slams  Miss Vivian Vachon
to the mat in order to work her over.
Karen Kellogg at
age 18.
Wrestling greats Diane Von Hoffman,
Leilanni Kai and Wendi Richter.
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Eleven smiling pro girl wrestlers all dressed in their fighting swimsuits and boots.
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