Over two hundred of the most exciting and interesting women's
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1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and some 1990s.   All the great women of
the era are there including June Byers, Lorraine Johnson, Rachel
DuBois, Ella Waldek, Mae Weston, and a Brunette Nell Stewart to
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This is Top 10 List for 1963 from
Wrestling Revue. ALL are in our
Golden Age 2 section.
1 June Byers
- NWA World Champion
2 Fabulous Moolah
- World Champion [Baltimore]
3 Karen Kellogg
- World Lightweight Champion
4 Anne Casey
5 Lorraine Johnson
6 Judy Grable
7 Penny Banner
- AWA World Champion
8 Vickie Adams
9 Kathy Starr
10 Judy Glover
The always rough June Byers is on top of beautiful and erotic  
Lorraine Johnson in wrestling match held in a TV studio in the 60s.
Teenage Delight:  In 1969, Canadian Rachel
Dubois was just 15 when
her father talked her
into becoming a Professional Wrestler. She
sizzled on wrestling mat for the next six years
thrilling fans of all ages.
Then came Susan
Green, a girl next
door to dream about.
Susan is the wrestling
ring at the Toledo
Ohio Sports Arena in
1973. Today, 44 years
later, Susan still
sometimes wrestles
Sexy and earthy Gloria Barattini
wrestles the beautiful
Nell Stewart
Betty Boucher's sister Rita, works over
Toni Rose in sizzling gym workout.
Judy Grable and Fran Gravette
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Cute Carol Carota wrestled often
during the 50s but could not make
a big name for herself.
Barbara Baker
Mae Weston works over Mildred Burke in 50s Women's
professional wrestling match.
Velvet Mcintyre
Judy Glover favorite hold was the Indian
Death Lock. She forced countless women to
scream their submission with this dreaded
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Early 50s Girl-Nex-Door: Donna
Marie Dieckman of Cleveland,
Ohio was trained by her father
Raymond. Often she worked out
with her brothers on the
wrestling mat.
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Wrestler Kathy Starr five years back at reunion.
Velvet Mcintyre in the wrestling ring.
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Bettie Page lacked the skill of most but
made up for it the with great sex appeal