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Teenage Delight:  In 1969, Canadian Rachel Dubois was just
15 when her father talked her into becoming a Professional
Wrestler. She sizzled on wrestling mat for the next six years
thrilling fans of all ages, wrestling mainly in Ontario.
Sarah Stock, Dark Angel, still active as ever.
Featured are Rachel Dubois and Sarah Stock ( Dark Angle ) Both
women are seductively  beautiful with great wrestling skill and
showmanship. And of course there are other fine  Canadian and
Ontarian female wrestlers to enjoy like Vivian Vachon,   Portia Perez,
Velvet Mcintyre,   Shantelle,  Taylor Wilde, Princess Victoria, Jaime
Dauncey, Cherry Bomb,  and more.
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Sarah Stock flies through the air.
Sarah Stock has great fun torturing
opponent with Boston Crab,
Brutal Leg Punishment: The rough and tough veteran, Princesa Sugey has
the young and beautiful Sarah Stock out of her mind with pain. That leg bar
took a heavy on Dark Angel but the Canadian lass has plenty  of time to pay
back Princesa.
The forever erotic Rachel Dubois who began
wrestling professionally when she was just 15,
Rachel Dubois applies a hammerlock that has opponent in
agony. Note the expression on Rachel's face. Miss Dubois would
sometimes feel sorry for her victim and hence she would ease
up just a bit on the pressure. This lack of meanness may have
cost her some wins.
Portia Perez shows her muscle.
Wrestler Cherry Bomb is ready
for mat action  but she may
want to put on a bra.
Vivian Vachon of the Golden Age.
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Canadian Woman Wrestling Taylor Wilde is WWE Diva
Sarah Stock lands a perfect dropkick on the chest of opponent.
Below are a few Free Preview Pictures
Canadian Woman Wrestler Sarah Stock
Canadian Woman Wrestler Taya Valkyrie
(Kira Forster) is WWE Diva.
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