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Big name Pro Wrestlers
appearing  in this Intergender
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section are, Penny Banner, June
Byers, Nell Stewart, Mitzi
Mueller, Toni Rose, Judy Grable,
Joyce Grable, Rita Cortez,
Donna Christanello, Cheryl Day,
Gloria Baratini, Rachel DuBois,
Mildred Burke, Lina Magnani,
Chyna, Lily Bitters, Barbara
Galento, Millie Zec, Fabulous
Moolah, Jessica Rogers, Penny
Mitchel, Bonnie Watson, Chacla,
Cheryl Day, Maria Bernardi,
Tammy Lynn Sytch, Lady
Caroline and many many others
who never made a big name.
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The extra point is good as sister gives
brother a perfect hard kick in the crotch.
The terrible pain will last for some time
and the lad will not forget it.
Kana is a star wrestler with the WWE.
Here woman is body slammed by a man
Kana is a star wrestler with the WWE.  
Here the woman is punished by male
with a double toe hold.
Man tortures woman with a submission
arm lock in Mixed Wrestling 1 ( MW1 )
Male punishes female with  Boston
Crab submission hold
Before a mixed wrestling match, a masked
man and woman have a face off.
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