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Miss Vivian Vachon
Pro Wrestlers Velvet Mcintyre and Leilani
Kai on day off, at home and in street
Leilani Kai at work in the ring. See
Miss Kai wrestle on our
DVD 16.
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Classic Double Toe Hold from early 50s in gym workout
in Colunbus, Ohio
Marie Laverne
Miss Ann Casey
Most Pictures in this Gallery are from the 50s to the 70s
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Bette Boucher just
before entering the
wrestling ring  to do
Bette Boucher is lifted off mat by Vivian
Vachon in hope of a pin.
Bette Boucher just before
entering the wrestling
ring  to do battle.
Sherri Sinatra dressed
to wrestle.
Penn Banner quickly
going to the wrestling ring
Sandy Partlow and Early Dawn before their match.
In early 50s, the great June Byers tortures opponent.
Here we see June punishing Mars Bennett.  As 1954 began, June
Byers was the number one contender for the Worlds title held by the
allegedly undefeated Mildred Burke. June spent long hours daily in
the gym, wrestling both male and female pros to push her body to the
maximum to become her best for when she would face Mildred in the
ring.  All the work paid off for Miss Byers. On August 16, 1954 she
beat Burke in Atlanta, Georgia, wining the only fall in a match that
went to the 90 minute time limit. It is very strange that today, over
sixty after that historic bout, that there are no pictures available for
public access.
Penny Banner talks to the referee about  Donna
Christanello's refusal to submit to hammerlock
that Penny had on her for well over ten minutes.
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Toni Rose flies at Ann Casey but misses her.
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Ann Casey tortures Toni Rose's sexy
leg with this great move. Note how
much the referee is enjoying the
affair. Added 8/9/2016