DVD # PC 3, A Very RARE Classic Experience
of The Golden Age and very Old School.

With Six of the Greatest Wrestling Stars of the
early 50's on one  amazing DVD.
Lorraine Johnson, June Byers, Violet Vianne,
Carol Combs, Betty Hawkins and Lily Bitters all
in their prime on one DVD.
First Match: Emotional Betty Hawkins vs Vital
and Violent Violet Vianne

Second Match: Erotic Lorraine Johnson vs
Tough Carol Combs
Lorraine Johnson looked just like Marilyn

Third Match the forever Mean and Tough June
Byers vs the Cute and Aggressive Teenager  
Lily Bitters.         

Running time approximately 60 minutes.
Good Video Quality.
B&W With informative, insightful and
entertaining commentary
. Its like getting three  
DVDs in one.

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The beautiful Lorraine Johnson wrestling
Carol Combs in DVD PC 3   
June Byers slams
Lily Bitters in DVD
PC 3
June Byers goes
after Lily Bitters in
Female Wrestler Lorraine Johnson is on DVD PC 3
The erotic Lorraine Johnson gets ready to body slam the
hell out of Carol Combs.
June Byers holds Lily Bitters in place so she can punish
her, from DVD # PC 3
Erotic Lorraine Johnson argues her state of mind with the
Lorraine Johnson's head is punished by Carol Combs
Now Lorraine Johnson headlocks Miss Carol Combs
Lorraine Johnson who looked like Marilyn Monroe
was a real sizzling hellcat on the wrestling mat.
Imagine that the year is 1951 and this
Victorian like woman,
Violet Viann,
wrestled professionally on live television
as a routine. It was the Golden Age in so
many ways. An Age that makes our Age
look like The Dark Age. She is in DVD 3.
Emotional Betty Hawkins eats the hand of
Violent Violet Vianne on our DVD 3.
Betty Hawkins continues to work over
Violet Vianne on our DVD 3
Lily Bitters
Erotic Lorraine Johnson works over
Carol Combs from behind.
Now Lorraine Johnson works over Carol
Comb's head with her strong legs.
DVD # PC 3 is 65 years old !
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