A Special Enhanced Version of Internet Match that
you can now have on DVD.
Tough June Byers vs Young Violet Viane. Two
greats have a good hard wrestling match dressed
all in black.  From the early 50s in the Golden Age
of Girl Wrestling.
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Add $10.00 if shipped OUTSIDE USA.
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June Byers on Classic DVD # PC 30
June Byers hammerlocks Violet Viane
with very well trained experienced hands.
As Violet Viane works on June Byers'
arm, the referee pulls her off Miss Byers.
June Byers n Violet
Viane lock up.
June Byers is down on the mat and hurt.
Erotic image of June Byers in black boots
suffering on the wrestling mat.
Vicious Violet Viane gives Tough June Byers'
sever pain by banging into her leg from high
above. Both girls went all out to win.
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More pain and suffering for June Byers
as Violet Viane maintains full pressure
on arm stretch.