Rare Vintage Women's Wrestling DVD PC 2
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Above Ella Waldek works over Mary Jane Mull on DVD PC 2
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DVD # PC 2
Early 1950's RARE Classic  MATCH
First Match:  Ella Waldek vs Mary Jane Mull. 30 minutes long.
I consider this first match just
Outstanding. Ella kept Mary Jane     
locked in a Painful Erotic Hanging Crotch Claw Lock for over three
What a sexy submission hold! This first match is close to a
half hour long battle.
It is the WHOLE HALF HOUR MATCH, not just
the first 7 minutes that is found elsewhere on the Internet.

Also Second Short Match:  Part of June Byers vs Lilllie Bitters.
Vicious June  enjoys repeatedly kicking young Lily in her head.
Very short.
Also Third Short  Match:  Mildred Burke vs Mae Weston.                  
Ends in progress.
This is the old classic "Lipstick and Dynamite" match.
Running time approximately 45 minutes.
B&W with sound. With very entertaining ring side commentary.

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Ella flies down to
deliver a brutal
knee drop to
Jane's neck. They
didn't call   Miss
Waldek Killer for
When the knee drop
hits it's target, Jane's
whole body goes into
a spasm with waves
of pain totally
overcoming her body
and mind.
Above Ella Waldek works over Mary Jane Mull even more on DVD PC 2
Ella kept Mary Jane  locked tight  in a painful Hanging Crotch Claw
Lock for over three minties. This is an extreamly erotic holds.
Powerful Ella Waldek puts tremendous
pressure on Jane Mull's leg.
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