Six of the Greatest  Pros of the Era Wrestle
All Out in 1951 Ohio TV Matches.

The finest  DVD on the early 1950's that can be had.                          
DVD # PC 1 is Very RARE
First match: Tall and Mean Dot Dotson vs Pert and
Energetic Violet Viann in a very long match. This Vintage Match is a
True Classic. It captures the essence of what lady  wrestling at the top
level was all about in the early 50's. The fans are really involved; at one
point a female fan at ringside actually reaches into the ring and pulls
Dot's hair. You would never see any like that today. It is a gem that will
please any  real wrestling fan.

Second match: Rough Mae Young vs Sexy Eva Lee.

Third match: Beautiful Theresa Theis vs Cute Shirley Strimple.

B&W with informative, insightful and entertaining commentary.
Running time approximately One Hour.

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Dot Dotson had Violet Viann down locked in painful arm lock. The
next thing Dot will do is to repeatedly and brutally boot stomp
Viaann in her back, arm and head. Kicking an opponent when she
was down was a routine matter back then.
Theresa Theis wrestles tough Shirley Strimple in DVD PC 1
Violet Viann punished more
by  Dot Dotson.
Violet Viann punished yet more
by Dot Dotson.
Violet Viann punished yet more  by Dot Dotson.
Dot Dotson set to body slam Violet Viann
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Violet Viann and Dot Dotson adjust
their hairdos before wrestling match.
Violet Viann punished more by the
brutal and mean Dot Dotson.