Join Golden Age 7 Picture Gallery ( # 1950 )
Here is a gold mine of mostly HIGH DEFINITION IMAGES. All the top
names of the Golden Age are here in Golden Age 7 Picture Gallery.
Many images of the ladies going out for submission are included.
Mostly of the 50s, 60s and 70s but some up to the 90s.
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This NEW image of the classic picture of powerful Ada Ash torturing pert Shirley Strimple,  
speaks for itself.
The OLD image of the classic picture.
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​Mae Weston applies a reverse bear hug on tough Ella Waldek.​
Mae succeeded in causing Ella excruciating pain but did not
make Miss Wadek submit because Ella never learned the
meaning of submission.
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Two Ohio born girls wrestle in the early
60s.  Lola Laray applies a painful arm lock
on Mary Reynolds in Cleveland, Ohio.
Teenage Delight: Rachel Dubois a
wrestler who pleased the fans.
Cindy Rogers takes a long
and hard beating.
Cindy Rogers before match.
Betty Niccoli intensely focuses  on the eyes of
Jean Antone just before their wrestling match.
These two women had deep hate for each other.
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Wrestler Princess Victoria punished.
Wrestler Princess Victoria happy
Susan Green executes a fabulous move and
comes foes legs with great force
Gloria Barattini's face shows her joy as she punishes
the beautiful Nell Stewart in early 50s match.
Mae Young
Donna Christanello
Ann Casey
Betty Niccoli came on the
wrestling scene in the late
60s and made a name for
On the Internet Over 12 Years
Penny Banner puts Belle  Starr on
Queer Street with a hard right to
Belle's face
Donna Christanello works a perfect hammerlock
on Tammy Jones.T
ammy's screams of agony
serve only to inspire Donna to apply even greater
and pain on Tammy's arm.