Dot Dotson wrestling Violet Viann in Columbus Ohio in 1951  + two other bouts from
DVD # PC 1. More Information below about this DVD. Created by retropat77
DVD # PC1              3 GREAT Rare Matches from 1951.

First match: Mean and Tough Dot Dotson vs Pert and Energetic Violet Viann

This Vintage Match is a True Classic. It captures the essence of what lady  
wrestling at the top level was all about in the early 50's. The fans are really
involved; at one point a female fan at ringside actually reaches into the ring
and pulls Dot's hair. You would never any like that today. It is a gem that will
please any  real wrestling fan.

Second match: Rough Mae Young vs Sexy and Fragile-like Eva Lee.

Third match: Beautiful Theresa Theis vs Cute and Mean Shirley Strimple.

B&W with informative, insightful and entertaining commentary.
Running time approximately One Hour.

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Young Theresa Theis, shown in the two images above, wrestles the
much more experienced Shirley Strimple. Shirley give the game
Theresa plenty of pain with leg locks and hammerlocks to no end.
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Tall and Mean Dot Dotson
Dot Dotson
Dot Dotson dressed
to wrestle.
Violet Viann at her office desk.
Theresa Theis