Lorraine Johnson boot stomps
Jessica Rogers into submission.
Early 50's gym brutality: A top
ranked Gal Grappler is set to
practice her boot stomping on
the arm of a student wrestler.   
Women's Professional Wrestling Pictures and DVDs
It is all about Women of Wrestling here. We also sell DVD and video of vintage women wrestling
and DVD and video of modern Japanese women wrestling. We take pride in making quality
DVD and video The focus of this site is on the sport and art of classic women wrestling from
the 1900’s to the present. With Vintage, (Retro to Modern) International, from Japanese,
Mexican, UK, France, Italy, India, Germany,Japan,teen, adult, amateur, freestyle, WWE, bit of
boxing, mixed and pro wrestling are here. I have been collecting, creating and enhancing
female wrestling and fighting visualizations forever. This site is for fans of the sport of old
school girl wrestling and of other styles. This cyberspace is full of martial boots in action. Most
all the pioneers, legends and newcomers of pay for pain are here
: Ann Casey,  Ella Waldek,
Clara Mortensen, Mildred Burke, Gladys Gillem, Yumi Fukawa
, Elvira Snodgrass, Rachel
Dubois, Cora Livingston, Ali Bernard, Donna Christanello, June Byers, Judy Grable, Wang Jiao,
Nell Stewart, Jeanetta Collins, Carol Cook, Françoise, Joyce Ford, Takaco Inoue, Rose Roman,
Lola LaRay, Millie Stafford, Lee Su-yon, Mary Jane Mull, Jane Collins, Cheryl Day, Penny
Banner, Dot Dotson, Kaye Noble, Mae Weston, Mae Young, Eva Lee,  Theresa Theis, Ella
Waldeck, Carol Cook, Megumi Kudo, Carol Combs, Mayumi Ozaki, Lorraine Johnson, Wendi
Richter, Lilllie Bitters, Ruth Boatcallie, Violet Viann, Shirley Strimple, Tammy Lynn Sytch, Sarah
Stock, Lluvia
, Susan Green, Jackie Sato, Sara del Rey, Nikki Roxx, Lexie Fyle, Kirsten Scott,
Cheerleader Melissa, Louise Lockwood, Aniel,  Lacey, Alicia,  Alexzadra, Louise Lockwood,
April Hunter, Hanako Kobayashi, Daizee Haze, Jana,  Christie Ricci, Sugar Sato, Hiro Maita,
Rachel Dubois, Portia Perez, Fabulous Moolah, Karen Kellogg, Beth Phoenix, Mary Reynolds,
Thish Stratus, Yoshiko Tamura, Lita, Mickie James, Wendi Richter, Ivory, Jazz, Chyna, Gail Kim,
Stephanie McMahon, Debra, Molly Holly, Bonnie Watson, Victoria, Candice, Jacqueline, Velvet
MacIntyre, Carol Huynh. Lelani Kai, Rockin' Robin, Diana La Cazadora, Alundra Blayze, Sherri
Martel, Sherri Lee, Bull Hakano, Gloria Barattini,  Shantelle Taylor, Tiana Ringer, Krissy Vaine,  
Amber O'Neal, Lady Apache, Cindy Rogers, Betty Niccoli, Nikki Roxx, Ariel, Rain, Lexie Fyfe,
Christie Ricci, MsChif, Allsion Danger, Sara Del Rey, Mercedes Martinez, Lacey, Daizee Haze,
Xóchitl Hamada, Tomi Aoyama, Devil Masami, Chigusa Nagayo, Lioness Aska, Manami Toyota,
Hiroyo Matsumoto, Rachel Dubois, Kathy Starr, Rita Cortez, Ada Ash, Allison  Royal, Susan
Sexton, Chigusa Nagayo, Sakura Hirota, The Crush Girls, Jumping Bomb Angels, Nancy Kumi.
Noriyo Tateno, Peggy Lee Leather, Bull Nakano, Itsuki Yamazaki, Fran Gravette, Barbara
Galento, Sheri Lee, Betty Boucher, Rita Boucher, Vivaan Vachon, Karen Kellogg, Peggy Lee
Leather, Bambi Ball,  Joyce Grable, Kyoko Hamaguchi, Mimi Hagiwara, Megumi Kudo, Miho
Wakiwaza, Manami Itoyota, Sumie Sakai, Maria Bernardi, Wendy Lee Wolfe Micki Monroe, Mitzi
Mueller, Momoe Nakanishi, .  Some of whom are on my dvd. This is a visual history of feminine
combat culture with none of the sleazily cheap obvious sham that pollutes the web. I have
enhanced many of the images here. And don't forget  that we sell dvd and video of vintage
women wrestling and dvd and video of modern women wrestling. We take pride in making
quality dvd and video. I am a one man operation and I really do need your support. retropat77
Early 50's drama: Nell Stewart flies upon foe.
Miss Ramona TeSelle slams Miss
Rose Roman  with such energy
and force that her thighs vibrate.
This classic Chicago wrestling
match was in 1956.
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The Golden Age 1. Our First Members Only Picture Gallery.
Women Wrestling the Way it Was:
Early 50's woman wrestler applies
perfect front head lock that
forces the other girl suspended
in air, with terrible pressure on
her neck. This is just one example
of the dramatic holds that you do
NOT see today but lives in our
Basic section.
Rita Cortez hammerlocks
Judy Grable.
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This site
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Early 50's woman wrestler applies perfect
toe hold. Yes, the Golden Age of ladies
wrestling lives here.
Focus on Old School Women's Pro Wrestling in the 1950s and beyond.
Penny Banner is under Judy
Glover as both women apply a
double toe hold on the other.
Welcome to the dream of our
time and space.
First section of lady00wrestling.com   Created by retropat77      Now in our Tenth Year.
Also Access Golden Age 2
Does google love us? Well just
type in any wrestling legend, like
Mildred Burke or June Byers,
google image search and our
work pops right up at the very
What does google know?
This Basis 1 or The Golden Age 1 Picture Gallery alone with  
Golden Age 2, 3, 4 and 5  are the foundation of this site and it's
been ten years in the making and based on material that I have
personally collected over the  past 65+ years. There are a huge
number of quality classic women's professional wrestling images
in these members sections and contains many rare and historical
pictures.  Most can not be seen any where else on the Internet. I
have been creating, enhancing and collecting old school
women's wrestling images now for over sixty years and I feel that
no one high quality energizing  women's vintage wrestling
images? ( TinaD is inactive now for way over two years now. ) My
images span the Earth and over ten decades. This Basic section
focuses on the 50's, 60's and 70's, that Grand Golden Age, but
also the best of modern Mexican and Japanese wrestling. Where
else can you experience such female wrestling excitement from
so much time and space?

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Classic Old School Women's Pro Wrestling.  
50's Woman wrestler on DVD PC 8: Gloria Baratini
punishes Nell Stewart with killer hammerlock.
The great women's pro
wrestler Judy Grable.
Pro Wrestler Rachel Dubois
Penny Banner
Nell Stewart
Also Access Golden Age 3
Here are two of the greatest wrestlers of all time.
Penny Banner hammerlocks
June Byers. Both
ladies were masters of the pay for pain game.
Possible Submission Leg Lock in this Women's
professional wrestling match.
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Send your Order to me at
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a invoice from there for ANY order you want
to place. I work though ProPay
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Below are some Free Preview Pictures,
The erotic Lorraine Johnson gets ready
to body slam the hell out of Carol Combs.
Pro Wrestler Early
Dawn in her prime.
Hundreds of Pictures are in this Gallery
Contains all my old Pictures of the Day
The Great Nell Stewart
Toni Rose vs
Joyce Grable
Price Cut
Cauliflower Alley Club Tampa FL 1996
Bonnie Watson, Penny Banner, Ella Waldek