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way over three years. ) My images span the Earth and over ten decades.
This Basic section focuses on the 50's, 60's and 70's, that Grand Golden
Age, but also the best of modern and vintage Mexican and Japanese
wrestling. Where else can you experience such female wrestling excitement
from so much time and space?
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Women Wrestling the Way it Was: Early 50's woman wrestler applies
perfect front head lock that forces the other girl suspended in air, with
terrible pressure on her neck. This is just one example of the dramatic
holds that you do NOT see today but lives in our Basic section of The
Golden Age 1
Before the bell of a Classic Golden
Age Pro Wrestling Match.
Penny Banner hammerlocksJune Byers.
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Jessica Rogers and Dot Dotson double team Millie Strafford
with a painful leg spread.
Ohio gym workout from the early 50's: Both Ella Waldek and
Nell Stewart were top contenders for Mildred Burke's world's
title. We see Nell giving Ella a devastating giant swing. I bet
that you can't guess who that little boy is at ringside at
bottom right. I'm not saying.            
Mildred Burke enjoys torturing in gym.
Pro Wrestler Early Dawn
Judy Martin  takes Joyce Grable  to the wrestling mat
in 60s action. Posted 4/03/2015
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Gloria Barattini punishes a leg.
Vintage wrestler Nita Hagan
another Girl Next Door.
Vintage wrestler Ramona
TeSellea snother Girl Next
Nell Stewart practices a submission wrestling hold in 1953 in Ohio.
Back in 2007 and 2008, every day I had a Picture of the Day. It consisted of one or
more picture with related text. Included  in my Golden Age 1 Gallery are all my
Pictures of the Day. This is one example with the original text. Of course there are
hundreds more pictures besides my old Pictues of the Day.

February 12, 2008 Vicious Schoolgirl Kicking: After Sara forced Portia off, she
delivered a series of jarring kicks to Schoolgirl's torso. The sound of her boot
slamming into delicate flesh was in perfect harmony with Schoolgirl's ;grunting
and groaning and Sara didn't miss a beat. After her dance of destruction to the
tune of "Spoiling Fresh Meat" Miss del Rey drove on her groggy victim for a pin
attempt. Was this the end for Miss Perez? Was her dream of wining shattered?
After all how much could Schoolgirl take? Tune in tomorrow to find out.
retropat77  Photo by wrestlinwally
Picture of the Day for February 12, 2008
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Jump back 60 years in time and see June Byers on the wrestling mat
being punished by Violet Viane on our DVD.
Another Girl Next Door,
the rough and tough
Miss Joyce Grable.
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