Lorraine Johnson boot stomps Jessica
Rogers into submission.
Women's Professional Wrestling Pictures and DVDs
Early 50's drama: Nell Stewart flies upon foe.
Miss Ramona TeSelle slams Miss Rose Roman  
with such energy and force that her thighs
vibrate. This classic Chicago wrestling match
was in 1956.
Early 50's woman wrestler applies perfect toe hold.
Yes, the Golden Age of ladies wrestling lives here.
Focus on Old School Women's Pro Wrestling in the 1950s and beyond.
Welcome to the dream of our
time and space.
First Gallery of lady00wrestling.com Created by retropat77 Now in our Tenth Year.
This Basis 1 or The Golden Age 1 Picture Gallery alone with  Golden
Age 2, 3,  and 7  are the foundation of this site and it's been ten
years in the making and based on material that I have personally
collected over the  past 65+ years. There are a huge number of
quality classic women's professional wrestling images in these
members sections and contains many rare and historical pictures.  
Most can not be seen any where else on the Internet. I have been
creating, enhancing and collecting old school women's wrestling
images now for over sixty years and I feel that no one high quality
energizing  women's vintage wrestling images? ( TinaD is inactive
now for way over two years now. ) My images span the Earth and
over ten decades. This Basic section focuses on the 50's, 60's and
70's, that Grand Golden Age, but also the best of modern Mexican
and Japanese wrestling. Where else can you experience such
female wrestling excitement from so much time and space?
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50's Woman wrestler on DVD PC 8: Gloria Baratini
punishes Nell Stewart with killer hammerlock.
The great  wrestler Judy Grable.    
Pro Wrestler Rachel Dubois
Nell Stewart
Here are two of the greatest wrestlers of all time.
Penny Banner hammerlocks
June Byers. Both
ladies were masters of the pay for pain game.
Possible Submission Leg Lock in this Women's
professional wrestling match.
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Below are some Free Preview Pictures
The erotic Lorraine Johnson gets ready
to body slam the hell out of Carol Combs.
Hundreds of Classic Pictures are in this Gallery
Contains all my old Pictures of the Day
The Great Nell Stewart
Toni Rose vs Joyce Grable
Nell Stewart practices a submission wrestling hold in 1953 in Ohio.
Women Wrestling the Way it Was: Early
50's woman wrestler applies perfect front
head lock that forces the other girl
suspended in air, with terrible pressure
on her neck. This is just one example of
the dramatic holds that you do NOT see
today but lives in our Basic section of The
Golden Age 1
Before the bell of a Classic Golden
Age Pro Wrestling Match.