DVD  # PC 6

Again we go back to the Golden Age of Pro Girl Wrestling in Japan; 1981

First match is a long tag team bout featuring the great Jackie Sato,  
and Jaguar Yokota wrestling Jumbo Hori and Nancy Kumi. All are

voluptuous girls in their late teens. This is NOT like the version
on youtube, this has GREAT VIDEO QUALITY.

Second match features Devil Masami  who enjoys totally dominating
and punishing a young game Chigusa Nagayo.  She is a devil alright.

Running time 45 minutes.
Video quality is great
Great camera work.
Sound in Japanese.  
Price $39.99 Free Shipping                      

DVD # PC 5

We go back to the Golden Age of Pro Girl Wrestling in Japan; the late 70's.
Four thrilling  one on one matches are here. There is great mat wrestling combined
with hits, kicks, stomps and slams to thrill you to no end. All by voluptuous and
skilled young ladies in sexy swim suites and boots. First match has  Chigusa
Nagayo wresrling Itzuki Yamazaky. A very young Nagayo fights an unrecognizable
and young Yamazaky. The two future champions show their great talent in
wrestling. Second match again features Chigusa Nagayo. Third contest features
Devil Masami.
Fourth bout ( like first match in PC 4 ) takes place in the Philippines on
a hot muggy night and the two skilled wrestlers again are sweating as much as
anyone can sweat.
Running time 40 minutes.
Great camera work          
Price $39.99 Free Shipping
DVD # PC 7

We go back to the Golden Age of Pro Girl Wrestling
in Japan; the late 70's.

First Match: Lucy Kayama  vs  Yumi Ikeshita
Both young ladies pull out all stops to brutalize the other.
The wrestling is on the highest possible skill level here.
Second Match: Devil Masami vs Nancy Kumi    
Devil has great fun torturing Nancy's arm for most of the
bout. She acts like a true sadist.
Running time 37 minutes.
Video quality is very good.
Great camera work.
Sound in Japanese.
Price $39.99 Free Shipping
DVD # PC 4     Best Japanese DVD to be found

First Match  Devil Masami vs Jaguar Yokota.  This outstanding bout takes
place in the Philippines on a hot muggy night and the two highly skilled
wrestlers are sweating as much as anyone can sweat. There is non stop
action. (Imelda Marcos, wife of the Philippine President, is at ringside.)

Second  Match  Devil Masami and partner vs Mimi Hagiwara and partner.
The erotic Mimi takes an unbelievable brutal beating in this bout.
EXCELLENT VIDEO QUALITY! Not like the version
elsewhere on the Internet. Great camera work.

DVD running time a full 48 minutes.
DVD  # PC 3                

With Six of the Greatest Wrestling Stars of the 50's on one DVD.

First Match: Emotional Betty Hawkins vs vital Violet Vianne

Second Match: Sexy  Lorraine Johnson vs tough Carol Combs
Many thought Lorraine Johnson looked just like Marilyn Monroe       

Third Match" Mean June Byers vs teenage  Lily Bitters         

Running time approximately 53 minutes.
B&W with sound.
DVD # PC 2

Early 1950's
First Match:  Ella Waldek vs Mary Jane Mull. Full 27 minutes long.
I consider this first match just
outstanding. Ella kept Mary Jane     
locked in a painful hanging crotch lock for over three minutes. What    
a sexy hold! This first match is close to a half hour long battle.

Second Match:  part of June Byers vs Lilllie Bitters.  Very short.
Third Match:  Mildred Burke vs Mae Weston.  Ends in progress.
This is the old classic "Lipstick and Dynamite" match.

Running time approximately 45 minutes.
B&W with sound.
Unavailable here
DVD # PC 9

Yet once more we go back to the Golden Age of Pro Girl Wrestling in Japan;
late 70's. Here is a classic old school match.

Just one great match here. There is great hard mat wrestling
combined with brutal hits, kicks and slams to thrill you to no end.

Nancy Kumi vs Yumi Ikeshita

Both are in their prime and give the fight all that they have.
Both know how to wrestle and how to fight.
Sweet Nancy Kumi is so neat and wholesome and natural. This is in
dramatic contravene to what she does in the ring. It blows the mind.
Running time 30 full minutes of non stop action..
Video quality is very good.
Great camera work.
Sound in Japanese.  
Price $39.99 Free Shipping
DVD # PC 10

Featuring the great Manami Toyota WRESTLING

This is very high skilled Women's Professional Wrestling
in the Japanese Golden Age of the sport.

First (5 minutes) there is interview, commentary and pre match
buildup with the erotic  Manami Toyota. (in Japanese)

Then the brave long haired Manami wrestles thirty opponents one
after the other WITH  NO TIME OUT between opponents. Yes, she
wrestles THIRTY Skilled OPPONENTS and each one goes all out to
defeat Miss Toyota any way they can. It is unbelievable how much
punishment this woman can take to her body.

Running time 45 minutes.
Great camera work.
Sound in Japanese.  
Click image
to enlarge.
Women's Pro Wrestling Video Store

DVD #PC 14

The pro matches are from Tokyo, Japan in the mid 70's.
It is special in that there is English commentary.
First match:  A bout between two good looking tough 16-year-olds with great
wrestling skill and vigorous aggressiveness who really work up a SWEAT.
There is some deliberate repetition added for enhancement.
Second match: A wild eight girl tag team match. Bout is just packed
with wild action. It is a very hot night and there is much SWEAT.
Unfortunately this bout ends in progress.
Very good video quality.
$39.99 Free shipping

DVD #PC 15
First match: Devil Masami takes out young Komatsu Mika fast.

Second match: The Jumping Bomb Angels vs The Crush Girls,
There is a great mix of slams , hits and hard scientific wrestling
in this bout. One long classic sweaty match to view.

The matches are from Tokyo, Japan in the late 70's.
Again it is special in that there is English commentary.

DVD #PC 16
First match: Wild Leilani Kai vs Young Sexy Itsuki Yamazaki

Second match: A wild sweaty six woman tag team match.
The matches are from Tokyo, Japan in the late 70's.
Once again it is special in that there is English commentary.

DVD # PC 15
DVD # PC 19

Jackie Sato vs Maki Ueda

When Jackie Sato wrestled Maki Ueda back in 1975, neither girl
had reached her 18th birthday. Both girls repeatedly use dazzling
and brutal leg and arm holds on each other to try to force the
other into submission. The two put on a non stop show of great
scientific wrestling  for a full 28 minutes. Now you can enjoy that
classic match on DVD. It is truly an outstanding bout as is PC 4
.DVD has Great video quality! Unlike the one  
elswhere that has Poor video quality.

Commentary in Japanese.
Click to enlarge.
DVD # PC 20

Here is another classic vintage gem from the early 50's. Cute
18 year-old schoolgirl, Lily Bitters goes up against the vicious
veteran June Byers in a 2 out 3 falls match. The all so
aggressive Lily gives tough June a real hard fight of great non
stop wrestling action. Lily repeatedly punishes the older
woman with leg locks and hammerlocks. Both girl gives and
takes great punishment.
And take note how extremely close the
referee gets to June Byers over and over. ... A Real Old School
Classic Match ! ... ... This is my favorite video because it truly
captures the glorious essence of old school wrestling of the early
50s with two highly  trained women who really know how to
wrestle unlike those of today.

The video quality is excellent.
B&W with insightful commentary.
Very Long Match
of non stop action with no fat.
DVD # PC 20
DVD # PC 19
lady00wrestling.com  We take pride in making quality DVDs
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DVD #PC 18

Two one on ones bouts from Japan.

First match features two voluptuous earthy girls in their late teens
who put on one thrilling show of great wrestling skill and brutality.

Second match Features "big bad" Princess Victoria.
All four girls wear eye popping tight swim suites.

Wonderful vintage action from Japan.
Very good video quality
Commentary ( and screams ) in Japanese.

DVD # PC 18
DVD # PC 14
Click to enlarge.
DVD # PC 16
DVD #PC 17

Again we have the voluptuous, sexy and hot Itsuki Yamazaki. This time
she wrestles the mean and tough Shinobu Kando

Very high energy and fast paced bout from Japan in the late 80's.
Match ends with a sexy submission.

Mildred Burke worked
over by Mae Weston
from DVD
Ella Waldek hit in chest by
Mary Jane Mull from DVD
Ella Waldek from DVD
Johnson body slams  Combs
Lorraine Johnson headlocks
Carol Combs
Carol Combs headlocks Lorraine Johnson
Devil Masami punishes  Nancy Kumi.
Devil Masami punishes
Nancy Kumi more.
Devil Masami punishes Chigusa
Nagayo more.
Devil Masami punishes
Chigusa Nagayo
Nancy Kumi and  Yumi Ikeshita
are locked up.
Yumi Ikeshita punishes Nancy Kumi.
Nancy Kumi punishes  Yumi Ikeshita
Manami Toyota after fight in
dressing room.
Manami Toyota after
the fight on mat.
Manami Toyota is down and hurt.
Manami Toyota is slammed.
Manami Toyota goes to the ring.
June Byers punishes and punishes Lily Bitters
Lily Bitters punishes June Byers
June Byers vs Lily Bitters
Jackie Sato wrestling  Maki Ueda
Jackie Sato wrestling  Maki Ueda
Jackie Sato wrestling  Maki
Ueda on our DVD.
Devil Masami is punished by Jaguar Yokota .
Devil Masami controls  
Chigusa Nagayo
June Byers slams Lily Bitters
Left, The Jumping
Bomb Angels (Itsuki
Yamazaki and Noriyo
Manami Toyotain
street clothes.
Right, Devil Masami punishes
Jaguar Yokota. Click to enlarge
June Byers set to slam
Lily Bitters, 18.
Ella Waldek before
going after Jane
Devil Masami is punished
by Jaguar Yokota more
with crab
Carol Combs applies full
Nelson on  Lorraine
Lucy Kayama  wrestling  
Yumi Ikeshita
Lucy Kayama  keeps
wrestling  Yumi Ikeshita
Manami Toyota near
end of match. #1
Manami Toyota near
end of match. #4
Manami Toyota near
end of match. #2
Manami Toyota near
end of match. #3
Click image to enlarge.
Nancy Kumi suffers hammerlock
from Jaguar Yokota in tag match.
Chigusa Nagayo, left, is set to
go after Itzuki Yamazaky who
is suffering on mat to give
her yet more punishment.
Left, Jaguar Yokota punishes
 Masami . Click to enlarge
Outstanding  Match !!
Sexy Itsuki Yamazaki punishes
the very tough Shinobu Kandori
with passion.
Miss Nancy Kumi
Nancy Kumi holds Jaguar Yokota in
place so she can be kicked in her chest.
Click to
Itzuki Yamazaky is
down after kick.
Click to
DVD # PC 21

An Hour With Ella Waldek in the early 50's Wrestling Ring.   With
her skill, speed and strength Ella could be the best wrestler of all
time as some insiders have said. The woman gives her all to her
sport. This DVD presents two long complete matches featuring
Miss Waldek.  One is a variation of her match with Jane Mull seen
in my DVD PC 2. The second opponent is a young woman who I
just can't identify.

B&W with insightful commentary.                                                   
DVD # PC 21
Ella has Jane down on the mat as she punishes
Jane's leg. From DVD PC 21
Mildred Burke's head  
worked over by Mae
Itsuki Yamazaki.
June Byers repeatedly  hammerlocked
in match by young Lily.
DVD # PC 8  

A Nell Stewart compilation from the 40's and early

This DVD is two and a half hours

Beautiful and skilled Nell Stewart wrestles earthy Gloria Baratini
and others top names of the era.

The video quality is rough in parts but it is quite viewable and okay.
This is due to the age of the footage, the 1940's is a long time back.
It is very hard to find 1940's Pro Women's Wrestling video
anywhere but we have it right here. Most of the Matches are
complete and uncut.
DVD  has no sound except for a few minutes and is in B&W.
DVD running time is a full 150 minutes. It's like getting four DVDs
for one.

Important Note: Unlike all my other DVDs, this DVD is DVD-R
Six of the Greatest  Pros of the Era Wrestle
All Out in 1951 Ohio TV Matches. Best DVD on the
early 1950's that can be had. #PC 1

First match: Tall and Mean Dot Dotson vs Pert and
Energetic Violet Viann in a very long match.

Second match: Rough Mae Young vs Sexy Eva Lee.

Third match: Beautiful Theresa Theis vs Cute Shirley Strimple.


B&W with informative, insightful and entertaining commentary.
Running time approximately One Hour.
Dot Dotson slams Violet Viann
Dot Dotson over Violet Viann
Violet Viann punishes Dot Dotson
Click to
Real SEXY Match
In PC 5 - Watch the Girls Sweat
1 Girl  vs.  30 Girls
Ella has her way
with Jane above
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instead of some big impersonal company.
Ref keeps eye on
June Byers'
Click to enlarge.
Betty Hawkins eats
Violet Vianne
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Devil Masami applies Phallic Lock on
the most erotic Mimi Hagiwara
Masami enjoys punishing Mimi
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Lorraine Johnson and referee.
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