DVD # PC 34 From the 50s. Special version of the youtube match
Sexy Penny Banner vs Mean and Rough June Byers. The two greats go
after each other in 1954 match.
Very Good Video quality
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Another Women's Pro Wrestling Classic Match          
Perfect Penny Banner had all the right moves in
the wrestling and out. Penny was also very
kissable. Just ask Elvis Presley who Miss Banner
dated often in the late 50s. Picture not from  our
DVD # PC 34.
Left June Byers had
great wrestling skill and
was big, rough, tough
and mean. June liked to
hurt people like Penny
Banner, right, who was
fast with great wrestling
skill. So this is a very
good match up.
Penny Banner as a classic pin-up girl of the 50s.
Penny Banner and June Byers, who are featured in our DVD 34, wrestled each other all
out several other times. Here is an image from one of those other bouts of Miss Byers
trying to force Miss Banner into submission with a sensationally applied Double Toe