Orders on this site are handled  through ProPay.
Just send your email order with the name of the Gallery
or item number(s), to me at  retropat77@gmail.com.  I
will have ProPay email you an E-Mail Invoice.  You do
NOT have to have a ProPay account to pay
. It is
completely secure and safe.
The email address you use to order is the address that I
will send your Access Link(s) to. Thanks                
Order or Donate with Credit Card
From lady00wrestling.com   Now Over Ten Years on The Internet
Order/Donate at   retropat77@gmail.com
For DVDs, just give the number(s) of the DVD. Due to
high customs cost and work, I must add $10.00 to
orders on DVDs that are shipped OUTSIDE the USA.
Shipping is free on DVDs that are sent to the USA.
This is a one man owned and operated, independent  
site. I can create a custom gallery just for your needs. I
do NOT do pornography.  Minimum fee is $250.00.
If you do NOT want pay by CREDIT CARD, you
may send a
the MAIL. I will complete your order when I know
that the CHECK or MONEY ORDER is good. You
can email me for details. However this is a slow
way to go things,