Nell Stewart original Woman Wrestling Diva ...
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Pro Wrestler Gloria Baratini slams Nell Stewart to mat
in order to work her over.   
Pro Woman Wrestler Ella Waldek bun slams Nell Stewart.
Some consider Ella to be the greatest female wrestler of
all time.
This is pure-Easter-Sunday-1950-Beauty going by the
name of Nell Stewart who works as a Professional
Wrestler. retropat77
Ohio gym workout from the early 50's: Both Ella Waldek and
Nell Stewart were top contenders for Mildred Burke's world's
title. We see Nell giving Ella a devastating giant swing. I bet
that you can't guess who that little boy is at ringside at bottom
right. I'm not saying.    retropat77   
And now we see Pro Wrestler Nell Stewart working the
head of tough Ella Waldek. retropat77
Wrestler Nell Stewart is head locked by Ella Waldek.
Nell in Hell.
Beautiful Nell Stewart and sexy Gloria Baratini
wrestled each other numerous times in the late 40's
and early 50's. Nell was forever the hard boiled heel
and defeated the game Gloria in most of their long
hard fought matches. Here we see Miss Baratini taking
great pleasure in working Miss Stewart's leg. The
story goes that Gloria gave up a promising opera
career to become a professional wrestler. I kid you
not. But that is a fact. Gloria attended the Peabody
Conservatory of Music, studying to be an opera
singer. She did not end up at Carnegie Hall but at
wrestling arenas,  
Nell Stewart looks like she has a leg lock
on herself. retropat77        Added 1/04/09
Professional Wrestler Nell Stewart outside on street. Yes, Nell
had big hair ... huge hair for 1950.  
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Ella Waldek continues to rough up Nell. Added 2/10/09
Nell Stewart, dripping with heavy preparation, watches her
partner Ruth Boatcallie ready to slam Carol Cook.   
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Nell body slams foe.
In the year of our Lord, 1947, there were just a few
thousand TV sets in the entire US. There was mainly
bowling, dancing ... and yes wrestling. There was
one wrestler with wild blond hair who jumped out of
that TV screen and got you like your first kiss,  Nell
Stewart.  Who could ask for any thing more.
Yes, as I said above, beautiful Nell Stewart and sexy Gloria
Baratini did wrestled each other numerous times in the late 40's
and early 50's.  Nell was the hard boiled heel and defeated sexy
Gloria in most of their long hard fought matches.         Here we see
Miss Baratini taking great pleasure in torturing Miss Stewart's leg.  
The crowd widely cheered at the sound of Nell's screams of
agony. Nell was known as "The Betty Grable on the mat world"
and the  fans thrilled in seeing this sadistic beauty suffer. Now all
this was around 1950 when Pro Girl Wrestling was on TV MANY
times a week, unlike today's circus of fake that may last say 17
seconds.      Added 3/04/09
Wrester Nell Stewart applies
painful toe hold on Gloria
Nell Stewart locked in
Wrestler Nell Stewart
punishes Gloria Baratini
Wrestler Nell Stewart locked in another headlock by
Gloria Baratini
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Wrestler Nell Stewart on the ropes
and suffering.  retropat77
Violet Viann pounds Nell Stewart in her beautiful
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Nell Stewart
We are All Women Wrestling all the time
Gloria Baratini pinned by
Nell Stewart
Nell Stewart works
on  Gloria Baratini
Miss Stewart comes down on opponent.
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