My LINK TO A BETTER LIFE is. ... ... ... I am 76 living on
low fixed income. I live alone with my 88 year old sister in
Ohio. I have CANCER. I do not have any real friends now.
My last friends all died 10 to 12 years back. In my remaining
years I want to be free of the stress of hellish poverty
especially sense I am in very poor health . I live in a 110 year
old substandard house with very poor heating, electric
wiring and plumbing. It is very clear that my house needs
many important and major repairs.It is not a safe house. But
I just don't have the money after paying medical bills.
buying food, paying utilities bills and so on. We don't even
have basic things like a washer or stove in the house. ...
Now I have cancer, arthritis and neck pain that makes it hard
to walk and get work done. Also I have serious heart and
breathing troubles. ... There is the real danger of losing the
house if the high taxes are not paid on time. Please donate
MUCH NEEDED MONEY to help me deal with this. ... ... After
my cancer surgeries 18 months ago, I been having series of
chemotherapy, After some chemotherapy sessions I
experience bad side effects were I am disorientated with
chills and fever and can just lay in bed the whole day and
can not get nothing done. Please help me with a donation
that you can handle. Thank you very much.