Join Best of Japanese (Asian) Women Wrestling 1 Picture Gallery
This is all about the sexiest and best wrestling on this
earth. Asian or Japanese Pro Women Wrestling is the
most thrilling spectacle there is. And Wrestling
boundaries have been expanded in Japan more than
any where else. This section has a HUGE picture
gallery. It is a delightful and magical experience. A
hundreds of images, including coverage of an
unbelievably brutal Electrified Barbwire Death Match.
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Megumi Kudo in Electrified Barbwire Death Match.
Megumi Kudo in Electrified Barbwire Death Match.
Now in Our Tenth Year
Supper girl Wrestler Kana has fun with defeated
Will she remove that bra?
These two Japanese Schoolgirls are pro wrestlers engaged
in a brutal hardcore match outside the ring.
Hikari Fukuoka pro wrestler.
Item # 11
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