I cannot identify these two
women. If I was forced to
pick a date, I'd guess 1925.
Pro Wrestler Ella Waldek
screams as she applies head
lock on the beautiful
Stewart in the early 50's.
Of Italian descent, the
earthy and voluptuous
Betty Niccoli, was a tough
scientific wrestler who
held the Texas and United
States championships at
various times. Added
Violet Viann
June Byers slams into
Penny Banner
Wrestler Bella Olgunlana
had the body and the skill
to please the fans
Donna Christantello once again brutally defeats Vicki
Williams with her devastating flying boot stomps. Even
after putting an opponent on queer street, Donna often
would deliver several extra boot stomps just for the hell
of it. The girl just loved her work. Added 4/21/09
Multiple Personalities for Fun and Profit: Pro Wrestler       
Donna Christantello was very feminine, charming and
loving outside the ring but once that bell rang she was as
brutal and vicious as they come. Here we see Donna
joyfully finishing off a groggy Vicki Williams with a series
of flying boot stomps to Vicki's head, chest and throat.       
retropat77    Added 4/16/09
Teenage Delight:  In 1969, Canadian Rachel Dubois
was just 15 when her father talked her into becoming
a Professional Wrestler. She sizzled on mat.  Added
During a gym training session in the early 50's, woman wrestler Nell Stewart has Betty Jo Hawkins
inescapably locked up in a painful arm lock and leg block. You may have seen this image before but
not really because I have greatly enhanced it. I consider this the greatest wrestling picture ever taken.

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Pro Wrestler Susan Green tortures veteran Paula Kaye.
Pro Wrestler Peggy Lee Leather tries to break Wendi Richter's
painful toe hold by pulling hair. retropat77 Added 1/11/09
Katherine Elkins wrestled
and practiced judo in 1905
Late 50's: Pro Wrestling Karen
Kellogg, 17, is worked over by
Beverly Long in Columbus, Ohio
gym workout. Karen is just one
example of the wholesome sweet
girl next door type who became a
professional gal grunt n groaner.   
retropat77 Added 3/03/09
1951 Action: Dot Dotson holds
Violet Viann before body
slamming her.   Image from our
DVD       Added 2/25/09
Mary Reynolds (on left) and Lola
LaRay were actually very good
friends off the wrestling mat.
Here, high heels and all, they
practice their wrestling skills in a
gym located in an isolated Ohio
barn. Added 4/15/09
Susan Green works over Toni Rose's leg.
Note how Susan digs deep into Toni's inner
thigh in order to cause the most pain
possible . retropat77   Added 1/11/09.
In the early 70's Pro Wrestler Susan Green
was just 17 as we see her here. Susan was
a true teen terror on the wrestling mat.
In mid 70's action,  Pro
Wrestler Maki Ueda, 17,
applies Boston crab on
Yukari Lynch, 15, as Cheryl
Day tries to free the
suffering Maki.
Erotic Wrestler Lorraine Johnson
fights on
Unknown Activity: Mae Weston digs deep to punish Mildred
Burke. It was know only to Miss Burke and Miss Weston just
what Mae's fingers of her left hand were doing. Added 1/11/09
Karen Kellogg
Here's the Pitch: Vintage
Professional Girl  Wrestling and
Vintage Professional Girl
Baseball are very much alike.
retropat77  Added 2/23/09
Two  young Ohio girls,
Lola LaRay  (in white) and
Mary Reynolds wrestled
each other in a Cleveland
match in February of 1960.
It was freezing cold outside
but hot inside in more
ways than one. After a long
hard struggle, Miss
Reynolds defeated  Miss
LaRay with a submission
hold.  Added 4/15/09
Vintage Cannibalism:   Elvira Snodgrass eats Juanita Coffman
while applying Phallic arm lock. See more in Erotic Dreams.    
retropat77     Added 5/27/09
1950's woman wrestler
Penny Banner punishes
June Byers with painful
finger lock.
Nell Stewart applies punishing
Back Breaker on Bonnie Watson
in early 1950's gym workout in
Columbus, Ohio.
Two 70's women wrestlers work over
Rachel Dubois. Click to enlarge.
Cora Combs on top of
June Byers
Pro Wrester Barbara Nichols ( left ), with partner before match,
became Joyce Grable and then became Joyce Becker after
marriage to George Becker.  
We now take a look at the sideshow or "freak" aspect old
time pro wrestling of the early fifties. "The Famous
Gypsy Rose" holds up the giant "Bald Lady Angel".
Whether or not Rose actually slammed Angel is
unknown. It would hard to get more off beat than this.
Tone Rose gets up off of Betty Boucher after
pinning her in sizzling home gym workout.
retropat77   Added 2/22/09
More Women's Pro Wrestling: Penny Banner dominates the rough
and tough Toni Rose with a painful full Nelson. Added 1/11/09
Miss Millie Stafford punishes Mae Weston in early
50's bout.   retropat77    Added 6/15/09
1970's woman wrestler Rachel
Dubois punishes opponent with
hammerlock. Click to enlarge.
Powerful Pro Wrestler Mildred Burke slams
Theresa Theis to mat to work her over.
Judy Grable takes Rita Cortez down with a flying head
scissors.    retropat77      Added 4/9/09
Penny Banner works leg of LeeChona LeClare in 1954 in
Chicago Match
Pro Wrestler Judy Glover is set to slam Jessica
Rogers to the mat to work her over more.
Clara Mortensen
Pro Wrestler  Betsy Ross  twists   LeeChona LaClar's boot to an
extreme and dangerous angle. Revised 01/08/2014 ... Before I had
the names reversed and I  am sorry about that.
Pert Donna Christanello posing  Added 1/13/09
The great Ann Casey is all set
to wrestle. retropat77 Added
Mildred Burke mud
wrestling in 1938.
Pro Wrestler Miss Judy Glover connects with a solid
right cross to the jaw of
Miss Lorraine Johnson. Added
10/28/08. retropat77
Vicki Williams enjoys torturing Toni Rose's leg so much
that she continued to torture the leg even after Miss Rose
screamed her submission. The referee nonchalantly tells
Miss Williams just why she should free Toni from her
predicament.  retropat77       Added 3/23/09
Here we see a very young Lady Apache from
south of the border. Added 1/13/09
Pro Wrestler and Strong Woman Ada Ash punishes Shirley
Strimple in Chicago bout about 1960. Added 10/28/08.
Golden Age
Pro Wrestler Ann Casey puts intense pressure on
hammerlock that has Judy Grable in agony.
Beautiful Ann Casey repeatedly  body slammed   tough Toni
Rose with maximum force. Ann then  forced the now groggy  
Miss Rose into a Boston Crab that ended the match with a
submission from Toni.  retropat77   Added 6/23/09
Beverly Lehmer punishes June
Byers more in gym workout.
Rose Roman on wrestling mat after
being badly beaten by Ada Ash in five
girl battle royal in the mid 50s
The rough and tough
June Byers, acting
and posing like a
girl.  Added 2/22/09
Jine Byers working over schoolgirl Lily Bitters
on live TV in Ohio in 1951. See the fifties pro
girls wrestle all out on my
Dazed and Confused: A groggy Pro
June Byers sits on the mat
after being beaten by Mildred Burke in
a match in the very early 50's.
retropat77 Added 1/16/09 and an
enhanced image again on 12/6/14  
Below is a FREE Courtesy Page. It is just a small example of my Huge Picture Galleries.     
Imagine 1951 and this woman, Violet
Viann, wrestling professionally on live
television as a routine. It was the
Golden Age in many ways.          
Mildred Burke from the Era
know as the Golden Age of
Women's Wrestling.
Rita Martinez works Clara Mortensen From
1950's woman wrestler June Byers has
Penny Banner well under her control.
Wrestler Ann Casey primps before match with
Brenda Scott.  retropat77 Added 6/26/09  
The great professional wrestler
Nell Stewart is seen above.
A very young Donna Christanello slams Judy Grable to mat.
Erotic Lorraine Johnson ready to
body slam Carol Combs on
DVD 3    
1970's Women Wrestlers.
Submit or Suffer? The referee
and Penny Banner want to
know if Toni Rose will submit
to painful arm lock.  
Vintage women's wrestling: Mae Young rages
back with a series of hard dropkicks to Gloria
Baratini chest knocking the wind out of the
poor girl.  Below we see Gloria  in a daze after
the last dropkick knocked her clear out of the
ring and into the hands of the fans.
Penny Banner.
Some of the great Pro Women Wrestlers of the 00's,
10's, 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's 90's are here.
Once in the ring, Brenda Scott slammed Ann Casey  to the mat
and punished her arm with all the energy she had in her.
Added 6/26/09
Below, Mildred Mud Wrestling Leona Gordon in 1938 in Ohio.
Pro Wrestler Mitzi Mueller of the UK
Created by retropat77
June Byers applies hammerlock. Posted 12/08/2014
Pro Wrestler Rose Roman set to
wrestle in a five woman battle royal
in the late 50's. retropat77
The rough and tough June Byers poses like a girl on  a rug and not the
wrestling mat. See Miss Byers wrestle on
DVD 20 and DVD 30.
Vintage women's wrestling: Gloria Baratini stuns
Mae Young  with devastating flying body scissors.
Ella Waldek on the back of Nell Stewart.
Two Greats: June Byers pins Penny Banner. No matter how
hard she tried, Penny could never beat June.  Added 1/31/09
Yet more vintage professional women wrestling with Rita Martinez and
Clara Mortensen very even. Four arms locking up four legs are eight
reasons it was a great match. retropat77
From our DVD PC 60
Nell Stewart punished by Gloria Baratini.
See them wrestle on my
Pro Wrestlers Micki Monroe
and Mitzi Mueller of
England in the late 70's.
Toni Rose eats the hand of Vickie William. Posted 12/08/2014
1970's woman wrestler Joyce Grable punishes Leilani
Kai with arm bar. Joyce's many years of experience in
professional pain inflicting has made her a world class
expert in the fine art of torture. Miss Grable has ended
many a match with her victim desperately screaming
her submission.  Added 2/14/09 Enhanced on 8/14/2915
Nell Stewart punished. Posted 12/08/2014
Posted 12/08/2014
More vintage women's wrestling: Tippy Wells tries to
force the Fabulous Moolah to submit with toe hold in 1971
match. Moolah came back to easily defeat the youngster
When Ann finally broke free, she paid
Brenda back big time with an
excricating arm lock.
Women's Wrestling Champion Melded Burke at
home in the 40s or 50s.
Professional Women's Wrestler Gloria Baratini went up
against the tough and beautiful Nell Stewart several times
beginning in 1948. You can see them wrestle on by
This strong schoolgirl has
fun wrestling with the boys.
Rose Roman
50's Gym Torture: With no
referee to stop her,
Professional  Female
Wrestler June Byers,
brutalizes sparring partner.  
retropat77    Added 2/12/09
Devil Masami legs are punished by Jaguar Yakota. DVD 4
Referee focuses in as Evelyn Stevens maintains a
painful  an arm bar on Candi Devine
Pro Wrestler Mitzi
Mueller of the UK
in 1982,
Rita Martinez in street clothes wrestles on our DVD 60
Left Clara Mortensen
works leg lock on Rita
Martinez. From our
Jessica Rogers and Dot Dotson double team
Millie Strafford with a painful leg spread.
Below Donna Christantello is
looking good in her bikini.
Ann Casey is all psyched
up to wrestle all out
Added 6/23/09
This is a one man owned and operated, independent site
Susan Green
Susan Green
Lorraine Johnson punished in our DVD 3.
My wrestling Pictures and DVDs span over a hundred years and
cover the whole planet. Posted 4/08/2015
Rockin Robin.
Lorraine Johnson keeps Carol Combs'
head locked in her legs in early 50s
match on our
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support. Thanks
Penny Banner and June Byers, who are featured in our DVD 34, wrestled each other all
out several other times. Here is an image from one of those other bouts of Miss Byers
trying to force Banner into submission with a sensationally applied Double Toe Hold.

Penny Banner goes to town on Tammy Jones.
From  Picture Gallery,
Golden Age 7
From DVD # PC 50: Ella's knee drop comes
down on Jane's neck with full force. The
horrible impact leaves Jane all set for defeat.
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