1951. Cute 18 year-old schoolgirl, Lily Bitters goes up against the vicious
veteran June Byers in a out of 3 falls match. The all so aggressive Lily
gives tough June a real hard fight and the is great non stop wrestling
action. Lily repeatedly punishes the older woman with leg locks and
hammerlocks. Over and over June is locked in Lily's perfectly applies
hammerlock and suffers greatly. Young Lily adds to June's plight with
constant trash talk. Both girls gives and takes great punishment. And take
note how extremely close the referee gets to June Byers over and over. ...
A Real Old School Classic Match ! ... ...This is my favorite video because it
truly captures the glorious essence of old school wrestling of the early 50s
with two highly trained women who really know how to wrestle unlike
many  of those of today.

The video quality is very good.
B&W with insightful commentary.
A very long match of non stop  action with no fat.

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retropat77 Now over Ten Years on the Internet
The Great June  Byers on a Classic DVD
June Byers Wrestling Lily Bitters on DVD PC 20
June Byers hammerlocked by Lily Bitters on
DVD PC 20. Lily hammerlocked June repeatedly
in the match.
June Byers punishes  Lily Bitters' legs on DVD PC 20. When June used
the ropes, the ref had the hardest time  pulling June off Lily because
Miss Byers was determined to stay on Miss Bitters until she submitted.
Lily Bitters, 18,
Jump back 63 years and we have energetic teenager Lily Bitters torturing tough
veteran Jane Byers with that always effective  hammerlock. Both girls punished
each other severely in this match seen in full on this classic DVD.
The teenager closes in on the groggy older women.
In addition to her suffering, June had to use up so much of her limited  
energy struggling to free herself from those hellish hammerlocks.
June Byers argues with a very hostile woman at ringside
who vigorously trash talked June the whole match. As a
matter of fact most of the fans were hostile too Miss Byers.
Rough and tough veteran June Byers punishes Lily
Bitters' legs. When June used the ropes, the ref had the
hardest time  pulling June off Lily because Miss Byers
was determined to stay on Miss Bitters until she forced
the girl into submission but Lily was able to get free.
June Byers
Pro Wrestler June Byers Picture is
not from DVD.
June Byers spent much time in
Lily' hammerlock
June Byers is still in a hammerlock applied
by schoolgirl Lily Bitters.
June Byres works a headlock as the referee
check her out very closely in DVD 20. This
referee got in close to the girls over and over
throughout the match.
June Byers tries to break hammerlock
June Byers still in hammerlock
Back in 1951 Lily Bitters applies a a very painful
hammerlock on June Byers and the referrer checks
June out very closing and intimately. This was before
the days of the sexual harassment lawsuit and the
attitude for things like this were liberal. See it on our
DVD 20 and you decide.
June Byers still being  hammerlocked by young
Lily Bitters. The ringside fans cheered Lily on
to hurt June much more.
June Byers will now be hammerlock free,
well for a time that is.
Back in the dressing room after her fight with Lily Bitters, a
groggy, dazed and battered female pro wrestler June Byers
gets ready for a lon full body rubdown. Picture not on DVD.
Pro Wrestler June Byers Picture
is not from DVD.
Best 50s Vintage Wrestling DVD I know of !
The Great June Byers