Japanese Women's Wrestling
Plum Mariko wrestling Yumi Fukawa.
Pro Wrestling Momoe Nakanishi
shows off her tittle belt.
Mayumi Ozaki punishes Cuty Suzuki with a tight half crab. retropat77
Added 1/19/09
Below, Vicki Williams and Jackie Sato
wrestle each other in Japan.
Japanese Professional Female Wrestler Lioness
Asuka is all set to slam Lola Gonzalez.  2/01/09
Japanese Professional  Wrestlers Hiroyo Matsumoto and Misaki Ohata
enjoy punishing Aya Yuki. Added 2/12/09
Japanese Schoolgirl Pro Wrestler
Hiroyo Matsumoto applies  a Boston
crab hold on Sendai Sachiko. Added
Misaki Ohata flies from the top rope onto groggy opponent. Added 2/12/09
Mika Nishio wrestles Yumi Fukaua.
Bonus. Click  to enlarge.  
Wang Jiao is on top of Ali Bernard  in their quarterfinal's 72kg class wrestling
match at the Beijing 2008 Olympics    retropat77      Added 4/7/09
Kyoko Hamaguchi has great fun controlling Ali Berrnard during their  
freestyle 72 kilogram bronze medal wrestling match at the Beijing
2008 Olympics. retropat77    Added 4/7/09
Left, Japanese woman wrestler Kyoko
Hamaguchi shows off her medal as she sits on
to the shoulders of her father and coach, former
pro wrestler "Animal" Hamaguchi.   Click to
enlarge.   retropat77     Added 4/7/09
A groggy Sugar Sato is about to be finished off
by Devil Masami.
Asian or Japanese Women Wrestling, above,
has tons of pins and submissions to thrill all.
Japanese Women Wrestling has too
many Boston crabs some say.
Wrestler Cheryl Day puts Jackie Sato on queer street with
a perfect dropkick to her head.  retropat77
Yumi Fukawa thrills in the act of torturing
Ayako Hamada. Yumi is high on the list of
girls who just love to punish.   retropat77
Above Japanese women wrestler boot stomps foe. Click to enlarge.
Mimi Hagiwara wrestles
in our DVD #
PC 4
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Takaco Inoue wants to know if her opponent wants  to submit or
if she must continue the punishment.
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Now Wrestler Jackie Sato dropkicks Cheryl Day
in torso to her head.  retropat77
Jackie Sato applies arm lock in our DVD 19
More Japanese Brutality: Woman wrestler boots opponent in head.
Japanese Women's Freestyle Wrestling
See Mimi Hagiwara wrestle on our DVD PC 4.
Kana tortured by heavyweight tough guy.