Flesh Eating Picture Gallery
Devil Masami  bites into Azumi Hyuga. retropat77
Sumie eats a thumb. Added 1/06/09
Vintage Cannibalism:   Elvira Snodgrass eats Juanita Coffman while applying
Phallic arm lock.    retropat77     Added 5/27/09
Vintage Cannibalism in the Golden Age of
women's professial wrestling. Judy Grable
eats the fingers of Penny Banner.
Toni Rose eats Vickie Williams.
Devil Masami eats Mimi Hagiwara on my DVD PC 4.
Devil Masami eats Nancy Kumi on my DVD 7.
Cannibalism in the public wrestling ring is seen here with two women.
More wrestling Cannibalism as Rose Roman eats Shirley Strimple
in the 50s public ring.
The Thrill of Female Cannibalism in Full Public View.
After being Cannibalized in the ring.
Woman ready to eat.
Cannibalism in the public female wrestling ring as in eating arm.
Betty Hawkins eats Violet Viann's hand in our DVD # PC 3
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